Mission Statement

The Alabama Golf Course Superintendents Association is dedicated to expanding networking and educational opportunities to enhance programs and value to our members.

Vision Statement

The Alabama Golf Course Superintendents Association will be the dominant organization for golf course superintendents representing a high percentage of golf facilities in the state.

Article Archive

Alabama Green Archive

Playing is Part of the Job
Research Made Possible By The Alabama Turfgrass Research Foundation
Rescue 911 by Chris Hartwiger
ATRF Celebrates 10th Anniversary
Farm Day 2006
Annual Meeting 2006 - Greystone
Hope is not a plan - Chris Hartwiger
Turtle Point Meeting Scorecard
Greens Management Academy Prodcues All Star Cast at Turtle Point Meeting
Poa Annua Classic Benefits All in the Golf Industry
Traveling with Stan Thomas of Turfgrass of America
Hoover CC is Recognized by Audubon International
Steve Johnson Renews Professional Certification
Paying the Price for Success: An Open Letter to Aspiring Turfgrass Professionals (by Jim Simmons, CGCS)
Successful Projects
Microbial Populations of Putting Greens
Surface and Subsurface Nutrient Transport from a Golf Course Watershed
Susceptibility of Bluegrasses to Bluegrass Billbugs
Annual Meeting - "Time to Turn the Page", Ralph "Peg" Thomas Championship Results
Mechanic's Meeting - "You Can't Have a Golf Club Without a Mechanic"
Mechanic's Meeting - Q&A with Jay Rehr
SDS - Annual Report 2005
Talking It Over - Decatur Roundtable
The Summer of 2005: Lessons Learned
How to obtain pesticide points
Old Overton Welcomes AGCSA
How to stretch your budget dollars
March Madness Revised
A Technical Look at Water Movement Issues in Turf
The Latest Information on Spring Dead Spot Suppression
Alabama State Pesticide Requirements
Pursell Technologies, Inc. puts "The Pedal to the Meda" in Research and Development
Shoot Like A Pro
"Spend a Day at the Farm" / "2004 Donnie Arthur Tournament Ploughs Ahead"
Protecting Yourself in The Summer Months
Putting Green Diagnostics: Tests You Can Use - Chris Hartwiger
Mickey Lovett Shares Formula For Success
Vargas Speaks on "Management Strategies for the Turfgrass Systems" at Greystone
Cyber Superintendent - The "Turfinator", The Golf Course Superintendent of the Future
Removal of Perennial Ryegrass and Rough Bluegrass from Tifway Bermudagrass with Herbicides
Poa Annua Control with Tranxit GTA
Turfgrass Soils: Identification & Corretions - (Chad Burke, Limestone Springs)
Take-all Patch and what has worked for me - (Bill Hirchert, Highland Park GC)
Viewing lightweight green rolling as part of a season-long maintenance practice
Why putting greens appear red or purple in Winter and Spring
Superintendent Tips: Damage from playing on golf greens with frost or frozen soil
Are fertilizers polluting our water supply?
The impact of golf equipment on the game of golf
Superintendent Tips - "The Process of Painting Greens" (Tom Dickman)
AGCSA Article - "What is the best way to deal with Annual Bluegrass (Poa annua)?
AGCSA Article - "Do you have Green Creep?"

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